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International Training & Demonstration Centre



JSC GeoHolding takes pride in being a founding member of NNLE ITDC (Nonprofit and Noncommercial Legal Entity - Internatioanl Training and Demonstration Center), a pioneering initiative established in Autumn 2023. The primary objective of NNLE ITDC is to introduce and promote sustainable modern technologies and practices, along with providing educational and vocational training opportunities in agriculture and tourism development in Georgia.

As a nonprofit and noncommercial legal entity, NNLE ITDC envisions being founded by a collaboration of local and international public institutions, private companies, and individuals. It operates as a membership-based organization, fostering support for the establishment of diverse educational and vocational training programs. The focus areas include sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly agricultural and tourism sector developments not only in Georgia but also extending its impact throughout the region.

Key Initiatives

NNLE ITDC, with the active support of its member companies and institutions, is committed to developing the following key initiatives:

  1. IT Infrastructure and Platform: Establishing a robust IT infrastructure and platform tailored to the needs of its three different classes of members (Class A, B, and C).

  2. Modelling, Vocational Training, and Production Facilities: Creating facilities that facilitate modeling, vocational training, production, and hospitality businesses. These facilities aim to serve as practical learning environments for individuals interested in these sectors.

  3. On-Ground Educational and Demonstration Infrastructure: Implementing educational and demonstration infrastructure in Imereti, Georgia, to provide hands-on experiences and showcase best practices in sustainable agriculture and tourism development.

Membership Opportunities

NNLE ITDC invites local and international public institutions, private companies, and individuals to join as members and actively contribute to the realization of its mission. By becoming a member, you support the establishment of educational and vocational training programs that make a lasting impact on the development of sustainable practices in agriculture and tourism.


Get Involved

If you share our vision and commitment to sustainable development, we welcome you to join NNLE ITDC on its journey towards a brighter, eco-friendly future. Together, we can make a difference in the fields of agriculture and tourism, fostering positive change for current and future generations.

For more information about NNLE ITDC, visit:

Organizational & Legal Structure

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