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Proton Therapy Center

The project envisages the setting up of a full-service hospital with 120 beds and 12 beds for incentive care. An Italian hospital development consortium has drafted the first business plan and drawn the first sketches for the architectural planning of a hospital with 15.533 m2 of usable space over 4 floors on a land of 10,000 m2. The hospital will have the following departments: 

  • Surgical Department 

  • General Medical Department 

  • Cyclotron and Chemotherapy Department 

  • Proton Centre Department


Services will include Sterilization, Endoscopy, Radiology, Surgeries, Day Surgeries, Cyclotrone and Chemotherapy services, Proton Therapy services, Pathology and Anatomy, Administration and Laboratories. The hospital will employ more than 70 doctors, 180 nurses and 50 Social health workers. The treatment capacity is planned for more than 7,000 patients and 42,000 stays p.a. While Eastern Europe has good general health services on a lower level in general, the hospital will target the high-end health services market and also attract patients from the nearby countries including the Baltics, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia.

Full Teaser and NDA available on request. More information available. Contact us.

Download GPTCH Anonymous Teaser below 

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