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Tourism Infrastructure Development 

Ropeway and other Infrastructure Development at The Main Touristic Sites in Georgia -  The Key Point for Rising Tourist Inflow into The Country

Taking into account the strong development of tourism sector in Georgia (before the global pandemic started in 2020), more than 9.3 mil visitors that have arrived to Georgia in 2019 show a strong effect on the need to further strengthen and develop the necessary infrastructure. LLC GeoHolding intends to construct several types of modern, high quality ropeway systems together with the relevant tourism infrastructure on up to 20 different, most demanded tourist attraction sites of Georgia. For that reason, the company has conducted preliminary studies in order to identify proper locations.

Development of ropeways and the relevant infrastructure in Georgia, at the main tourist attraction sites, is highly supported by Georgian State as the project will support tourism development in general, making the country even more attractive for the already existing 9.3 ML visitors per year & insure growth of tourist inflow by improving the ropeway and tourism infrastructure at the main tourist attraction sites & different existing popular resorts.

Tbilisi Region
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