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Michael North is capital market expert for IPOs, bond placements, privatizations and fund management. He was a bank manager in various international investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank AG, and held several supervisory board positions. Michael has several years of experience in the capital markets business to firsts of issuers on international exchanges, for example, the Sultanate of Oman, the Ukraine, Slovakia and led to privatization experience with RAO UES (Russia), Gulf Air (Arab Emirates), Svyazinvest (Russia). He has also performed cross-border portfolio hedges and derivative contracts, options and futures.


He has a longstanding European experience, as well as experience in the Middle East. He has, among other things together with Arthur Anderson designed the reorganization of Svyazinvest (Russia).

Michael has successfully completed the study of economics and international law at the University of Geneva with the conclusion Lic.rer.pol.sciences politiques.

Michael North

Founding Partner

Started his working experience as a Project Manager in 1993 with the UN WFP Rail operational Centre on restoring the Caucasian Railway system and existing Infrastructure (in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia). The project goal was to enable the UN humanitarian aid cargo movement by rail destroyed during the armed conflicts in the early 1990s. In 1993 – 1994 two railroad bridges in Natanebi (Georgia) & Beukiasik (Azrbaijan) have been fully renovated, up to 1,6 ML rail-road slippers have been granted and installed by UN, 8 locomotives donated to the Georgian Railways.

From 1995 to 1996 Giorgi Dadiani lead the student exchange educational programs at the International Centre for Culture & Business Relationship (ICCBR) in Moscow, Russia. Since 1997 to 1999  worked as an assistant of the deputy general director of an insurance company “Rosgosstrakh Moscow” and lead the project on “Recovery of the Russian Citizens’ Savings Lost in 1993”.

Since 2000 to present, Giorgi Dadiani is an entrepreneur & conducts his business activities in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia by setting and operating different service providing and engineering companies like: “ABG & Profservice Group”, “GESCO”, “Enlightened Deliveries” and etc., introducing new energy efficient technologies with up to 47 different EU brands and energy efficiency calculation software from Schneider Electric. Since 2005 Giorgi has realized up to 500 different (middle and big scale) outdoor architectural lightening projects in Georgia and Azerbaijan, implemented the energy efficient, high technology 1ha Dutch greenhouse project for producing pot & bedding plants in Tbilisi, Georgia (received 680 thousand EU in the scope of the PSI Program with the support of the Dutch Embassy).

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Giorgi Dadiani

Founding Partner/Director


Eberhard Brodhage

Financial Expert

Eberhard Brodhage is a Financial Expert with dedicated SME and international business development experience. Following initial years in the domestic corporate banking and international departments for a leading German bank, he served for more than 30 years in executive roles based in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia, including his role as the Head of Financial Institutions for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, and most recently for a decade as the Chief Executive of the Bank’s Hong Kong Branch.

Throughout his career, Eberhard provided small and medium sized enterprises („SME“) with access to loan facilities, trade finance and risk management solutions in a variety of international markets. He was responsible for the relationships with International Financial Institutions („IFI“) and structured multiple facilities supporting local banks with IFI supported long-term loans. Also, he facilitated the international capital market access for a number of sovereigns and local banks in the Middle East and Asia. 

In late 2018, Eberhard Brodhage founded his own company, Asia Europe Business Partners Limited, to advise German and European companies on accessing international markets and building and maintaining an efficient financial architecture across their business. Equally, he supports international companies in respect of their business in Germany and Europe. 


Eberhard Brodhage was awarded the Bachelor Professional of Banking (ICC) by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 1981. He was appointed a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors in 2018. He completed the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma in 2019.  

Diana completed the First Level of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Georgian Program. The subjects covered were 'Accountant in Business', Management Accounting & Financial Accounting.

She successfully accomplished BDO courses on 1S Program software & has received a certified license on full access to the program.

She has successfully completed the training program in the new Estonian taxation model and other changes applied to the Georgian tax code.

Since 2011 Diana was an accountant at LLC Geo Business, LLC Starada, LLC Estia, LLC G.M.M. and now LLC Geo Holding

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Diana Tsitsishvili



Alexandre Dadiani

Administrative Manager


Irakli Gogiberidze

Researcher & Project Manager

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Mariam Burdiladze

Financial Research Associate


Nikoloz Machaidze

Local Field Manager


Irakli Dadiani

Social Media Manager