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Horticultural Training & Demo Center

Regional NNLE "Horticultural Training and Demo Center" (HTDC) was founded in March 2022 by LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" as a knowledge transfer platform for modern Agri-technologies, equipment, and growth cultivation. ​


With the support of the Ministry of Education & Science (MoES), IAZ has obtained 4.2 ha of the non-agricultural land plot in the city of Baghdati, Imereti region, Georgia. As agreed with MoES, the 2.8 ha non-agricultural land plot for the HTDC development site will be received from the existing vocational training center managed by College Iberia. On the 1.4 ha land plot, HTDC will build a recreational area. The center will serve the Imereti Agro Zone Greenhouse Cluster members, farmers from all over Georgia, and even neighboring countries, e.g., Armenia and Azerbaijan. Besides the training facilities and programs, a special education program needs to be developed by HTDC in partnership with local and international educational institutions, addressing low-tech farmers and enabling them to grow into low/medium and medium technology greenhouse growers.

HTDC Objectives 

Screenshot 2022-06-26 182921.png

HTDC Legal Structure

HTDC Legal Structure.png

LLC GeoHolding & HTDC

Since March 2022, LLC GeoHolding became HTDC Class A Member and assists HTDC in achieving set sustainable development goals for 2022-2024 with the close cooperation and support of USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program.

In June 2022, LLC GeoHolding Founding Board Member, Mr. Giorgi Dadiani, was elected on the position of HTDC Executive Board Member by HTDC Class A Member companies on the HTDC Second General Meeting.

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