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GH Agri Nursery

LLC GH Agri was established in August, 2020 by Giorgi Dadiani and Michael North with the intention to implement a nursery pilot greenhouse project at Imereti Agro Zone (IAZ) greenhouse cluster production site, Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, Georgia.

The project initiators consider the nursery production facility for the vegetable seedlings (different varieties of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bell Pepper), for fruits (apples, pear, kiwi), berries (Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry), Lettuce and Sweet Potato as a primary production. As a secondary, additional value creator, LLC GH Agri (“GH Agri”) intends to plan seasonal production of Tulips.

In order to comply to the international standards in greenhouse production and ensure the nursery production high quality, productivity and yield, GH Agri has invited the Dutch greenhouse production consultancy service provision company K. Spiertz Holding B.V., represented by Mr. Karel Spiertz and Mr. Marius Pakker together with Mr. Eberhard Brodhage, a Financial Expert with dedicated SME and international business development experience to support the nursery project development by sharing their technical, technological, commercial, financial and legal expertise on nurseries and production management in general.

GH Agri envisages to establish a plant nursery in the region of Kutaisi, for the supply of high-quality planting materials to large, medium and subsistence farmers, home-garden growers, schools, municipalities and other interested parties. GH Agri proposes to concentrate in the beginning on vegetable seedlings and high-quality fruit trees, bushes and plants. In the future mail-order or web-shop could be included as well. Within the company, young professionals, women, displaced persons (considered GH Agri nursery production site is located at the Kopitnari IDP settlement) and persons with disabilities will play a prominent role in management of the company and will form a considerable part of the workforce.

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